Welcome to the The Official Fossil Fighters WikiaEdit

Are you interested in Fossil Fighters? A game where you revive dinosaurs to give them extraordinary power, and has an intriguing storyline? If yes, THIS is the Wiki for you! So, come share your knowledge about Fossil Fighters! :D

What Fossil Fighters is aboutEdit

Fossil Fighters is when you can actually revive Dinosaurs from Fossils, and use them to battle evil and save the world. You're probably thinking; "Pokémon?" No! Fossil Fighters is much different than Pokémon. The only types are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Neutral. Also, it's a bit harder because you need to find Fossils, and clean them off without damaging them in a certain time limit.

New "Fossils"Edit

As Founder of this Wiki, I will try to do my best to make it even more enjoyable! :D


If Vivosaurs were in Pokémon...

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